2008 Results

SailBot 2008! The 2nd International SailBot Competition

After the success of the 1st SailBot Competition at Queen’s University the plan was to hold the second event in California in 2007 in conjunction with an engineering conference. Queen’s, UBC, USNA and Waterloo planned to attend but unfortunately the long-distance logistics proved the event’s undoing and the second competition was postponed a year.

Queen’s University, UBC USNASailBot 2008 018SailBot 2008 051

The 2008 competition was hosted by the United States Naval Academy from 12-14 May at the Robert Crown Sailing Center. Included that year was an Exhibition Class (Open Class) for those boats and teams that did not meet the SailBot criteria. UBC brought “SailBot #1” while Queens and USNA built new boats.

As is typical in early May, Annapolis provided a variety of weather conditions, ranging from 30 knots and rain, to sunny, warm and calm! Teams from the three schools participated with close racing and the thinnest of margins. Each boat was quite different and all had some trials and tribulations.

Overall Scores:
Queen’s University: 25.5 points
United States Naval Academy: 24.5 points
University of British Columbia: 13 points

Presentation Winner: Queen’s
Match Racing Winner: USNA
Station Keeping Winner: Queen’s
Long Distance Race Winner: USNA
Navigation Contest: No starters
Exhibition Class Winner: UBC